Best Travel Backpack Buyer’s Guide 2021

Are you willing to find the best travel backpack for your next travel? 

You’ve landed on the right page where I’ll be sharing the detailed guide that’ll surely help you choose the best in class and value added travel backpack. 

It’s been a while that I’ve tried bunch of travel backpacks and came across some of the authentic backpacks that are truly worthy. The reason why you need to have a look upon the list I’ll be sharing through the post is that I’ve tried them all so I’ve few idea how they actually are and whether you should invest your penny in it or not. 

But, before I share a list of travel backpacks here are bunch of key factors that you need to notice. 


Key Factors To Purchase Travel BackPack

  • Weight :- weight is one of the crucial factor that you should not ignore while purchasing a backpack. Once you opt the low weight backpack you can even fit more essentials in it. So definitely make a note of it that’ll help you a lot. 


  • Usability:- it’s better if you opt the travel backpack having high usability pockets. Most of the fancy backpack comes with very less amount of space that won’t even allow you to fit few of the essentials. Instead I will suggest you to acquire the one that has several pockets depending upon the need you can lock in the essentials and gadgets separately. 

  • Comfort :- Comfort is an essential factor that surely help you to take it even while trekking. Make sure it must have proper padding, carry handles and shoulder straps. It’ll help you to take it anywhere you want. It must be adjustable as well.  

  • Durable:- the material through which the backpack is been made is to be tested properly so that you would grab the high quality backpack that will last with you for longer time. Avoid purchasing the cheap ones that might not fit in your adventure. The backpack must work in any condition so choose the one that has these factors in common. 

Once you consider these factors it will be easier for you to adopt the backpack based upon it. By the way I have short listed few of the list of travel backpack amongst which you can opt other one as per the convenience. So let’s get deep into it. 

Photo Title Price Buy
Peak Design Everyday...image Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (Black Camera Bag) ₹22,880.00
Osprey Packs Farpoint...image Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large
AmazonBasics 46 Ltrs...image AmazonBasics 46 Ltrs Carry-On Travel Backpack, Black
Vanguard Camera Backpack...image Vanguard Camera Backpack |VEO Select 47 BF I 1-2 Pro DSLRs with lens upto 70-200mm, 3-4 lenses, flash and accessories I Upto 15 inch laptop I Tablet I Rain Cover Included, Black ₹8,527.00
AH Arctic Hunter...image AH Arctic Hunter Expandable from 15L to 25L, Water Resistant,Anti-Theft Backpack fits up to 15.6 inches Laptop, with Covered USB Port,Earphone Port for Business,Travel,for Men & Women (Black)


What are the best travel backpacks?

Following are the list of best travel backpacks amongst which you can opt any.

#1. Tortuga Setout Backpack 

Tortuga Setout Backpack 

The all new Portugal backpack could be the best option for you that’ll help you to carry it anywhere you want just because it’s completely lightweight. If you’re having quite fixed budget it’s better to have an eye on this one. Though it’s not much expensive but the services offered to you are quite good. 

The Tortuga setout serves you around 26L of size that’ll help you carry any entity. Also you can even expand it up to 34L which is a good thing. Which means one can even use it as a weekend backpack and travel backpack too as it not look that bulky in size. 

As we all know that comfort is one of the most important aspect and his backpack serves you a better future with the proper padding and ventilation space. Due to lifter straps you will be able to carry it anywhere you want even in the higher degree. I found this to be the most versatile backpack in the market that weighs around 1.5 kg which is quite lighter in size. 


  • Get access to excellent organized compartments
  • Get maximum carry on size
  • Available at much affordable price
  • You can even detach the waist belt


  • Is it was our weather resistance but they are not being sealed by rubber
  • Due to it’s lightness you’ll be able to carry it anywhere you want as per the need

#2. Peak design 45L backpack

Peak design 45L backpack

The next up in our list is a pic design 45 litre backpack that’s quite perfect in size. As the price is cal Sawant you will get it at a very minimum cost compared to the other similar backpack available in the market. The touch and feel of backpack is quite good as you will get access to several different magnetic pouches and hidden straps as well.

So even if you are supposed to carry heavy materials it will be easier for you to proceed with it. It’s made up of sturdy 400D nylon shell that completely holds when unloaded. Although the size allows you to fit around 35L accessories buy you can even extend it up to 45L which makes the true sense. 

If you’re the one who usually wants to carry the stuff like toiletry bag, electronics, etc then it’s the best one that you can consider. It’s durable as well so you can even use it for long time. 


  • Lightweight and sturdy too
  • Completely made up of waterproof material and zippers are also waterproof
  • The design and feel of the material is too good
  • You can even extend it up to 45L


  • There’s no any con.

#3. NOMATIC 40L travel bag

NOMATIC 40L travel bag

As NOMATIC always used to serve the basic but power packed and well as the quality backpack here’s the best and most reliable travel backpack for you. The one thing which makes it different from other travel backpacks is that it is completely feature effect that we belong to store more accessories and laundry clothes as well.

There are separate compartments located that will allow you to store more stuff as per the requirement. According to me this is the perfect backpack for an individual who is supposed to travel a lot and searching for the best but reliable backpack then you should definitely check it out once. 

It has 40L of space which is decent enough. 


  • You can even use it as a duffel
  • Get access to plethora of optional accessories
  • It is completely weather resistant
  • Get excess features due to which you’ll be able to store more stuff


  • It might look bit over-engineered for some people. But has funky look

#4. Osprey Farpoint 40

Osprey Farpoint 40


You’ll excessive see the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack just because most of the travelers uses it for their personal usage. I have myself seen this backpack so many times whenever I travel. But one thing I didn’t like about it is that the laptop compartment is not being engineered in a right manner. 

If you are supposed to store as much amount of accessories into it will be a great option for you. it has a decent amount of compartments that will allow you to store much luggage into it. The reliability of this backpack is quite good that will convinced you to purchase it. 

Even if you use it as a trekking backpack it suits your need, it’s completely volatile and easy to use as not much complicated engineered pockets available that’ll surely get your job done. 


  • It is completely lightweight and under budget that anyone can purchase it
  • Get access to laptop compartment at front
  • It has lockable zippers


  • You cannot expect much engineer features
  • The interior of backpack is quite ugly

#5. Cotopoxi Allpa 42

Cotopoxi Allpa 42

As the name suggests this backpack is quite funky and no for its design. All the you can purchase it’s all in black colour that will get your job done. It looks much fancy compared to other travel backpacks but has decent amount of space inside where you can store as much amount of Gadgets and other accessories as well.

The outer shell of backpack is made up of rubber 1000D material that increases the aesthetics of backpack. Although it is not much bigger in size as well but the internal organizations are very much better when we compare it with the other similar backpacks in the same segment.

There is no requirement of external packing tubes and accessories as you will get all of the necessary pockets and sleeps inside it full stop it also has a laptop compartment with a sturdy padding which is again a good thing. The Cotopoxi Allpa is a 42L backpack that you can even maximize as per the need. 


  • The internal organizations of backpack is quite decent so there is no any packing cubes required
  • The design of backpack is fresh and colorful too
  • It comes with both shoulder straps and rain cover


  • The rubbery 1000D might not convince you so far


Travel backpack is one of the essential accessory that you cannot ignore at any instance. Most of the people usually purchase local backpack but it will not last with you for a long time. Through this detail post I have shared few of the best options that you can consider while purchasing a travel backpack.

Depending upon the budget you can select any one of them as they are all good. There might be other options available in the market but I found them to be the best in the segment so definitely check them out. 

For more info, watch the video:

Best Travel Backpack
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