Guide for Solo Female Travellers 2021

Solo female travel just keeps reaping hotter. The Travel Industry Association reports that an estimated 32 million American women travel independently every year. And travel companies are glimpsing a big uptick in attraction from the solo female traveller. So how are women bringing about the most of solo travel and where are they going? We tapped into some accomplished travellers to get their ultimate tips for travelling solo.

Here’s what they had to confess.

Keep an Open Mind:

It might be manageable to go to the tourist areas where everyone speaks English and can accommodate you but take the extra challenge to stride out of your comfort zone and strive the path less travelled has its risks, as does anything in life, but it’s a great path to experience a culture or region. It’s fascinating to see how people live their daily lives in a regular non-touristy community. Eat like the locals, sleep like the locals, participate in activities like the residents. A smile and Google Translate can go a long way, even if you don’t communicate in a similar language.


Talk to everyone, everyone, everyone. The more people who are aware of you and who recognize you, the better. But don’t Overshare. You must be aware of what kind of information you are sharing. On social media, you can share where you are, but don’t share specifics.


You’d be astonished by knowing how much a smile leads people to you, and people want to exhibit you the best of their countries, their cities and if you take their suggestions, they’re absolutely happy to help and to indicate you around.

Have Confidence:

Pro-tip for a woman travelling solo is to invariably walk around with confidence, research the area before you reach, be respectful of the culture and always be familiar with your surroundings.

Buy Something:

The best solo women travel tip goes into a local store like a drugstore or market and you just purchase something small so you can have the bag, and that backpack marks you as a local.

Just Do It:

The advice for a woman travelling solo is to travel solo. It is to not be afraid. It is that to understand the reasonable way to make your connection with a place and with a new environment and in a new context is not to have to be concerned about somebody else. It is to be by yourself. You notice things better when you’re solitary.

Stay in Hostels:

The pro trip for travelling solo as a woman is staying in hostels. You get to meet folk and you can meet people that you can then travel with. When you’re travelling with other people, it’s difficult to do that.

Put Down Your Phone:

When you’re eating alone, put that phone away and unfold your eyes, maybe something is sensational or someone exciting to greet.  When you’re with somebody, people won’t approach you. But when you’re alone, say you’re at the bar, people will come up and chat with you, and you have nothing to do but to make a new friend.

Put a Ring On It:

One of the most interesting ones: Fetch a wedding ring, even if you’re not married. Especially if you’re doing more intrepid travel, it can be actually beneficial to pretend that you’re attached, whether you’re attached or not, whether you’re straight or not.

Understand the Culture:

It is so significant to understand the customs of the place you’re visiting. See how the locals dress and adapt. If you’re going to France, dress a slight more nicely, don’t dress like an American in slumpy shorts and flip-flops. You’ll get dealt with better if you’re dressed like a French person. In India, wear long flowy trousers and a long flowy shirt and you’ll be in a much better condition than if you’re in a Western tank top that just brings about you stand out.



Guide for Solo Female Travellers
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