Best GoPro Alternatives 2021 (Cheaper than GoPro)

Undoubtedly the action cameras has their own pros, most of the travel bloggers usually carry their GoPro camera in their backpack with them to shoot something cinematic as they’re easy to carry for to compact size. But the thing is the GoPro action cameras are quite expensive which might cost your the exact similar range to the entry level DSLRs, so its better to have an eye upon the best GoPro Alternatives 2021.

If you’re the one who’s a fanboy of the action cameras this post might help you at certain instance, as I’ll be revealing the best alternative of GoPro that you can purchase providing you the similar features. 

What are the best GoPro Alternatives 2021?

When we talk about technology and stuff, every single day new innovations used to take place. And every single gadget has the alternative option available that one can go with. Similarly GoPro comes with the expensive pricing whereas you get tons of other alternative available in the market providing you the similar quality. 

Most of the people out there light get confused due to availability of tons of action cameras, so here I’m to help you out. As I’ve discovered the bunch of action cameras genuinely serves you a better value. So let’s dive deep into it. 

Photo Title Price Buy
Xmate Stunt Sports...image Xmate Stunt Sports Action Camera (Black) | Fast Mode - up to 120 FPS Video Recording |16MP Camera | 4K Video Vecording | Water-Resistant | Supports Micro SD Card up to 32G
Cason CN10 Proffessional...image Cason CN10 Proffessional 4K 60fps HD 24MP Action Camera For Vlogging with EIS Anti Shake Touch Screen Waterproof Sports Camera With External Mic , 2 x 1050 mAh Battery ,Remote and Accessories Kit (Black)
SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi...image SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi 12MP Full HD WiFi Sports Action Camera 170°Wide FOV 30M Waterproof DV Camcorder ₹5,299.00
X20C 4K Ultra...image X20C 4K Ultra HD 20MP Action Camera Native with EIS Stabilization Touch Screen Remote Control Waterproof Camera 40M 2 Batteries and Professional Accessories
PROCUS Rush 2.0...image PROCUS Rush 2.0 (Full Pack) 16MP 4K HD Action Camera Waterproof with External Mic and WiFi (Black) ₹6,649.00


#1. AKASO Brave 4 

AKASO Brave 4 

The very first in our list is AKASA Brave 4 which is one of the cheapest alternative of GoPro. It Amazon’s Choice product so the quality is surely on the top. If you’re having a fixed budget of around $100, you should defiantly have an eye upon AKASO Brave 4. Over since the year this product is consistently leading the market when it comes to the budget cameras. It’s lightweight (61 grams) with the dimension of 59.5 × 41.8 × 30.3mm. Also has the 270 degree lens that’ll give you wide angle capability.

The camera comes with some of the insane accessories like waterproof case, USB to Micro USB cable, remote control, and the battery inside is of 1050 mAh Li battery that’ll surely give you better battery backup. 

When it comes to the hardware and design, it comes with rectangular shaped design which is as similar to most of the other action cameras. You can easily use it while diving, juggling etc. as it’s completely waterproof.


  • Several connectivity options are available like wifi, so you can connect it with you phone
  • The camera comes with waterproof case so that you can use it under water too. It’s been observed that the quality you get under water is quite good than the outside water
  • It supports SD card up to 64 GB
  • The package consist of extra battery and the camera has the LCD display at it’s top left corner which is a good thing


  • It is not have 4K recording feature and also the quality of audio recording is not up to the mark 
  • The image quality of this camera cannot be compared with GoPro 

#2. Garmin Virb Ultra 30 

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 

When it comes to the photography and videography, they’re not just a common skills as they’ve more importance in the entire media industry, so if you’re the one who’s bit ambitions of the term the Germin Virb Ultra 30 could be the best option for you. 

You can click better pictures and capture high quality videos with this camera. It comes with Ultra smooth and stabilization video quality that will sure the increase the quality of your video. As similar to the GoPro cameras it is also a waterproof that allows you to shoot even in the heavy rainfall and snow. 

It has several connectivity options so you can even do the live stream with it. It also comes with the LCD display that’ll add value to it. 


  • If you are supposed to record a crystal clear sound then you will definitely get this camera as it has high quality audio input accessibility even if you use it with the case 
  • You can capture up to Ultra HD in 4K/ 30 FPS. Also the camera comes with 1.75 inch touch screen display
  • You can have control on your voice using the start and stop button while recording the pictures
  • It come with the 3 axis image stabilization which makes it stands out of the market 
  • It has built in GPS & other sensors that serves you accurate data


  • The battery life is truly disappointing, as it roughly last for 1.5 hours

#3. AKASO EK7000 


If you are searching for the camera which is exactly similar to the GoPro then you should definitely go with AKASO EK7000, it has ability of recording in 4K and comes with a couple of extra batteries and remote control that will give you an enhanced experience of using this camera.

Along with that most of the users have given it up to 4.4 star rating which makes it best in the budget camera. The overall build quality of camera is quite decent as it comes with both USB and HDMI ports so that you can connect it with multiple devices. All the camera isn’t a waterproof but you can use it under water with the help of waterproof case.


  • The battery life of the camera is quite good as it can last up to 90 minutes aur even more on a single charge full topic on do you also get a couple of extra batteries in package
  • It is one of the most affordable camera in the market
  • You get several free accessories along with the camera which is a good thing
  • Once you fit it into a case you can use it in extreme weather conditions as well even while swimming, surfing and drifting 


  • Due to the lack of higher FPS it may also lack in the exposure control
  • You won’t be able to use 4K with its optimal setting

#4. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

The all new Dragon touch 4K action camera is one of the best alternative of GoPro that comes with some of the exchange accessories along with the mounting accessories as well. you can even Mount it anywhere you want as per the choice. Also the camera quality is quite decent at it’s budget so you don’t have to hassle more if you’re having a less budget. The remote control unit is available in the kit. 

Dragon touch was specifically designed for the photographers and filmmakers who are having a Desire of using it by mounting it on helmet, drones etc. 

The remote control you get used to and access to control over its videos and shots just with a single click. It has 16 megapixel of Sony sensor camera and 170 degree Wide Angle lens which is a good thing. 


  • You can easily use this camera and share it to any device with the help of Application XDV for sharing the photos and videos. Also it has built in wifi as well
  • The design of this camera is quite compact so that you can use it as per the requirement
  • It has several modes like drama shot, slow motion, loop recording etc
  • It comes with tons of free accessories and has a waterproof case that allows you to use this camera in critical condition as well


  • The menu of this camera is quite difficult to access
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is not upto the mark which might fix in several future updates 
  • There are few negative feedbacks about this camera which might bother you

#5. Yi Lite Action Camera 

Yi Lite Action Camera 

Last but definitely not the least is Yi lite action camera, it is one of the best alternative of GoPro then you can hands-on to that enables several different features so that you can get the best quality images and videos through it. Although the capability of GoPro is Where are so the price cannot be compared as the Yi lite camera comes with too much cheaper price than the GoPro. 

Also it lacks a few of the major features like GPS which might not know that you just because other features you get is still up to the mark that fulfills all of your requirements. Most of the people used to opt this camera just because of its slow motion and time lapse feature. So even if you’re a filmmaker and searching for the budget action camera you can have a look upon it. It also has the mini LCD display to video your earlier recordings as well. 


  • It has long lasting battery life that will last for about more than 130 minutes
  • The stylish LCD display helps you to see the video footage and the modes are there that you can tweak around
  • It is a water resistant camera that has in capturing modes


  • There is no option of 4K image and image stabilization as well
  • The footage that you shoot in 4K/ 20 FPS is quite shaky and jerky
  • There is no control over your voice which might bother you 


Through this detailed post I have shared the best alternative of GoPro that you can purchase from Amazon. The camera quality you get is quite similar to the GoPro and if you’re having affixed budget you can opt the one that suits you. So definitely check them out. 

For more info, watch the video:

Go Pro Alternatives 2021
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