10 Genius Ways To Travel The World With Limited Money

Travelling can be costly. But there are also lots of extraordinary ways to get around the globe when you basically have no money.

Here are 10 ways to travel the world on a money constraint

1.Try house sitting or pet sitting

The idea is simple: You dwell in someone’s house while they’re away and do some task for them — nourish their cat, moisture their plants, or whatever else. They get the comfort of knowing their house isn’t going to shamble, and you get the sweet, sweet luxury of not having to pay for your stay.

2.Teach or create something while you’re away, in exchange for free room and board.

There’s a word for this: voluntourism. That’s volunteer + tourism, and it’s very prominent in the travel community. It’s basically when you go on a trip to do something that helps the locals — like educating English as a second language, or building houses and schools for communities in need — and in return, your visit is compensated.

Not all voluntourism is beneficial for the host community. In some cases, outside money help from unqualified individuals can actually prove setting the community back — so be sure to do your homework and research the companies and organizations before you go.

3.volunteer to live and work on an organic farm

There’s an organization called WWOOF, which for starters has nothing to do with dogs. It stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and it’s a large web of non-profit organizations all over the world that connects you with local farmers.

The idea is that you go and work on a farm for however long you want, and the owners pay for your holiday in exchange for your money and labour. Many visitors love WWOOFing. Not only does it help you go to really dope places (Argentina, Cameroon and Nepal, to name a few), but it also gives you a chance to get immersed in the local culture. Plus, you can go on sweet excursions in your downtime — and you fulfil amazing people along the way.

4.Get a salaried job where you can work overseas

Office jobs aren’t for everyone, so luckily, there are lots of jobs all over the world where travel is part of the agenda. Try labouring on a cruise ship, being an au pair, or even teaching a fitness class, like yoga.

5.Work remotely — while travelling

The rise of digital jobs has caused a rise in “location-independent” workers — i.e. people who can do their money business from anywhere. Consequently, more people are working and travelling at the same time. And there are loads of startups popping up that pertain travelling workers with each other. Remote Year, for instance, is a group of “digital nomads” travelling and working together for one year. And global co-working expanses like the Surf Office in the Canary Islands, and Mutinerie Village, an hour and a half outside of Paris, are great for helping travellers.

6.Crowdfund your trip

Kickstarter put online crowdfunding on the graph — it’s basically when you get other people to pay for something that you expect. But did you know that you can crowdfund entire vacations, not just tangible things? A word to the wise: The key with crowdfunding your next trip is to make your story relatable and emotional. When you establish your page, tell everyone exactly why you want to go (perhaps you want to write a book; maybe you want to volunteer), because they will be more likely to fund you if they ~get~ you.

7.Use Airbnb to sponsor your trip

Airbnb is great for finding a sweet place to stay on your vacation — but it can also help you fund your travel in the first place. If you’re going away, be sure to put your lodgings on Airbnb while you’re gone. That way, you’ll be receiving back the cash you’re spending on your accommodations. pro tip: Stay in places abroad that are much inexpensive than your place at home, like Thailand, so you’re automatically making money on the financial difference. You can even charge more than your rent (people do it a lot) to stretch that cash even further.

8.Get cheap car rides whenever you want

Ridesharing is a great way to save money on transportation. Of course, be careful: Always take a charged phone, and if you feel unsafe at any point with your driver, get out of the car as rapidly as possible.

9.Use your credit card points to mark plane tickets and more

If you use your credit card snappily, you can rack up tons of points that you can put toward your airline travel — meaning you can end up flying all over the world for essentially free.

10.Go on free walking tours

You don’t have to pay for all steered walking tours — there are bunches of free ones around the world if you know where to look. Check out Free City Tour, which lists all of the ones you don’t have to pay for around the world, from Paris to Sydney to Jerusalem and more.


10 Genius Ways To Travel The World With Limited Money
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