12 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights in 2021

If you constantly travel through the globe then you will surely need some of the travel accessories that will get your job done. If you are the one who is supposed to purchase the best travel accessories stay along with this detailed post as I will be revealing the top 15 best travel accessories that I personally use. 

But before getting dive deep into it, let me ask you one question that have you ever gone through the dilemma where you might have think why do you need accessories. The answer is super simple, let’s say if you travel through flight surely there’s a requirement of noise cancellation headphones or earphones, water bottle, sleep mask etc. These things might look bit annoying but they’re much useful at each instance while you travel. So try not to ignore these stuff. 

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Sony WH-1000XM4 Industry...image Sony WH-1000XM4 Industry Leading Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones, Bluetooth Headset with Mic for Phone Calls, 30 Hrs Battery Life, Quick Charge, WFH, Touch Control, Alexa Voice Control (Black) ₹22,990.00
ELV Aluminium Adjustable...image ELV Aluminium Adjustable Mobile Phone Foldable Holder Stand Dock Mount for All Smartphones, Tabs, Kindle, iPad ₹349.00
Kawn® Portable Travel...image Kawn® Portable Travel Foot Hammock Airplane Under Desk Foot Swing Mesh Cover
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What are the best travel accessories for long flights in 2021?

There is no end to the accessories but as far as the necessity is concerned we have short listed few of the best accessories that you can use while you travel in long flights. Following is the detailed list of it that you can purchase. 


#1. Collapsible water bottle


Pandemic has taught how is ancient it is to take care of your health and keeping your body hydrated is much important than any other thing in your life. If you usually travel in a long flight then it is essential for you to carry a collapsible water bottle that will get your job done. 

Most of the people usually carry the plastic water bottle but the collapsible water bottle is best alternative that you can use. Good thing is it is safe for both cold and hot water, the collapsible water bottle consists of two mouths that allows you to fill the water and drink it from another side.

Several collapsible water bottle comes along with the cups installed in it allows you to drink a water. 

Price:- RS. 498

#2. Sony professional large diagram of noise cancellation headphone

Sony professional large diagram of noise cancellation headphone

We usually hear some of the annoying sounds nearby during the flight time and the noise cancellation headphone can get your job done. Just scroll your favourite media and close your eyes and enjoy the smooth journey while hearing to the favourite genre. 

Best thing I like about Sony noise cancellation Air force is that it comes with cushioned ear cups and it is very lightweight so you won’t feel like you have you’ve wear something Bulky thing. Even in the too much crowded these headphones does the great job. It cancel all of the disturbing noises like engine noise, murmurs, baby crying nearby etc. 

Also, USP of these headphone is that it has a long lasting 30 hours of battery life which makes it a deal- breaking travel accessory. The design of Sony headphone is quite minimal which makes it one of the best in it’s entire segment. 

Price:- RS. 26,990

#3. IPad Holder 

IPad Holder 

If you’re in a long lasting flight and it becomes truly difficult to kill the time in such case entertainment is the only option remains. If you’re having the same trouble the iPad holder could be the best travel accessory that you can include in your backpack. 

The iPad holder is not specifically made for the iPad but along with that it is universal so you can place any of the tablet and watch your favourite movie. It is quiet cheaper that might fit your budget, also it’s not that bulky and heavier that won’t consume as much amount of space in your backpack. So definitely have an eye onto it. 

Price:- RS. 379

#4. Airplane foot hammock

Airplane foot hammock

While travel it might happen that the constant sitting in a same posture might become difficult, so you can try out this accessory that’ll keep your legs trouble free without any hassle. If you usually suffer through some of the syndrome or sensitive veins issues then you should definitely grab this accessory that will help you to circulate the blood.

The best thing I like about this travel accessory is that you can fit it anywhere in your backpack so you don’t have to keep a superset share space to have it. But the output you get is insane. So without any issue you can keep your legs calm. 

#5. Jersey slumber silk sleep mask

Sleep mask

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling through a flight or through train but it is very essential for you to Grab a good quality of sleep mask that’ll help you to have your sleep comfortably. Which means you don’t have to suffer through the eye strains and other issues that distracts your sleep quality. 

The BeeVines silk sleep mask is lighter in weight and can be adjusted using the elastic strap in it. If you’re supposed to grab a pair of it head off to the Amazon where you’ll notice tons of sleep mask. 

Price:- RS. 898

#6. Power core 500 portable charger

Ovista power bank

What if you’re watching a movie and your phone gets dead due to lack of battery? Nothing can be annoying. in such cases it is very essential for you to carry a portable charger with you that can also be called as a power bank. 

Which one of the traveler with their faces the issue of like in battery which means you will always need to carry over table charger so that you can charge your devices on the go. The all new Ovista power bank portable charger is one of my favourite into this entire list providing you the best possible solution So, no more hassle remains constant. Without any distribution you can do your work.

Price:- RS. 599


#7. Travel neck pillow for airplane sleeping

LEVOLT Travel Neck Rest Pillow

While travelling in a long flight most of the time it happens that you want to sleep but due to uncomfortable seats you’ve to ditch the plan. But here’s the true solution for so, the all new neck pillow might be so helpful for you providing you a good sleep. 

Especially if you are travelling through a economy class the neck pillow could be the perfect solution for you as it serves you a great sustainable support which means you don’t even have to look for the business class seats. It’s easy to carry and portable too that might not consume much space of yours. 

#8. Compression socks

Heelium Bamboo Compression Socks

While traveling in a flight you must take care of your legs and it’s necessary to have a comfort feel as well. If you’re constantly wear shoes it is very essential for you to Grab a pair of Heelium Bamboo Compression Socks that will provide you a comfortable feeling even if you hear it for a long lasting hours.

The competition songs is my personal choice as it not only provides you a comfortable feel but along with that it is pretty cheap that might fit in your budget and easy to carry as well. Even if you want to watch it you can do. 

#9. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe 

Mario Badescu's Facial Spray

When it comes to grooming, it’s very essential to take care of it during the flights. But moreover the grooming kit might consume more space, instead you can carry Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe that’ll get your job done. 

There might be tons of options available in the market but I usually recommend Mario badescu facial apart as it’s particles are so soothing which acts like an cleanser that’ll surely make your skin too much fresh. Once you apply it in a while during the travel you’ll notice soft, clean and hydrated skin.

#10. Travel wallet with RFID Blocking 

Dahsha RFID Blocking Travel 8 Passport Wallet Holder Cover for Men & Women (Black)

No one wants to mess up their travel Essentials like credit and debit cards. The travel wallet with RFID blocking is one of the best accessory that you can opt for the basic necessity. The good thing is it is budget friendly so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. 

It has several different pockets so that you can organize your cards accordingly without any hassle. Also you can even keep several mini accessories like phone and pens that’ll get your job done. 

#11. Alcohol based hand sanitizer gel 

JustHuman 24 Hours Hand Sanitizer

HBO all know that in the present scenario coronavirus has affected all of the globe so it’s very essential for you to carry alcohol based hand sanitizer to escape from the dirt and Virus spreading all across the globe. You can even and shown to the gel that will surely help you to keep your hands clean. 

On Amazon you will find tons of different alcohol based hand sanitizer that will get your job done in a while. So definitely check it out once. 

#12. Face Mask 

Jockey Black Unisex Mask

Due to COVID-19 the face mask has become a part of human body so it is very essential to carry and authentic and good quality of face mask that will not allow the virus to enter in your body. I want recommend N95 mask because it is not worth.

Instead you can invest a bit amount of any on a good mask should definitely check it out. 


There are tons of different accessories available in the market amount which you can purchase the best one but I have shortlisted the best 15 travel accessories that it and non stop I have listed those accessories in this list so definitely check them out. 



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